Esther Lalousis

Our Services

Make Up Artist
& Tutorials

Professional makeup that is trusted by a large number of famous artists and celebrities in Greece and Cyprus. Tutorials & courses tailored to the demanding make-up profession.

Glam Look
Styling Services

Get a glamorous look, give an impression of attraction and charm, create a luxurious and elegant look, an impression that enhances your unique personality. You deserve it!

Lash Lift &
Brow Lamination

Your eyes are the reflection of your soul. Together we can enhance this visualization, highlight your inner beauty, make her beloved color more vibrant, more alive.

Professional Make Up &
styling - On Location

We can and do it and we do it every day, in music videos, TV shows, events, special requests and more. We are on location. We have the equipment, we have the expertise, we have the experience.

Microblade / Tattoo Artist
Microblading PMU / Machine

We integrate all the new technologies and practices, we create your ideal look, the look you deserve to have. Whether you're a celebrity or the girl next door, whether you're a boy or a girl, we've got you covered with our renowned quality of result.

Tutorial Services
& Classes

Learn with us, get the knowledge that will help you in your career, get a valid diploma that certifies your skills. Join our team!

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